I love trying new produce and watercress has been one of those leafy items I have yet to try in my own kitchen. It’s bright green color caught my eye at the Franklin Farmer’s Market last Saturday and I snatched up a bunch at the Delvin Farm’s table. After a brief consult with my trusty cookbooks, I quickly gathered that oranges and cucumbers pair well with watercress.

Organic Watercress Delvin Farms

A salad can’t have too many ingredients, so to spruce it up, I included fresh pomegranate seeds, basil leaves, and toasted pine nuts.  This spring salad leaves the promise of summer right on the tip of your tongue. It will work wonderfully as a first course to dinner or as a light lunch paired with some hummus & crackers.

(Serving size: 1)

+ 2 1/2 cups fresh watercress from Delvin Farms, large stems removed
+ Cucumber (about half of one) thinly sliced
+ 1 Orange, sliced with the pith removed, cubed
+ 2 tbs Pomegranate seeds
+ 10 basil leaves
+ 2 tbs Pine nuts, sautéed in a drop of olive oil
+ 2 tbs Olive oil
+ 1/2 tbs Champagne Vinegar
+ Salt & Pepper to taste
watercress chopped

Remove the leaves from the stems of the watercress and slice the cucumber & oranges. Set aside. Heat a small skillet on low to medium heat and add a small drop of olive oil. Add the pine nuts and sauté slowly, until slightly browned.

watercress salad oranges cucumbers

For the dressing, whisk together olive oil, champagne vinegar, and a dash of salt & pepper.

Toss the pomegranates and pine nuts into the watercress, cucumbers, and oranges. Coat generously with the dressing & enjoy!

watercress Salad

The above recipe comes to us by our guest blogger and food fan, Amanda Barnhart.  Amanda can be found every Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market foraging among all the local produce brought in by our Middle TN farmers.  We love her photography and fresh look at food we grow on the farm.

Amanda is an art director, food enthusiast, and cat lover. She curates & photographs new recipes weekly on her vegetarian food blog, PlatedColor.com. You can see more photos and read about this recipe there.

— Photos & Recipe by Amanda Barnhart of PlatedColor.com

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